Anglesey: Bins with curtains look like an eyesore, says shop owner

Bin with curtains
Council rubbish bins like this one in Menai Bridge have been fitted with plastic 'curtains' [BBC]

Putting plastic curtains on council rubbish bins has made them "unsightly" and less likely to be used, a shop owner has said.

Strips, made from the same material as builders' bags, were attached to bins in Menai Bridge, Anglesey, last week.

David Marsden, owner of Siop Newydd on Ffordd Pentraeth, has labelled them an "eyesore" and like "old jeans".

Anglesey council has not said why the work was done, adding the measure is temporary.

"It's just unsightly, and looks an awful mess", said Mr Marsden, whose shop is next to two council bins that underwent the modification on Thursday.

"The plastic is dirty, and the way it's been installed makes the whole thing a bit of an eyesore - one person said it looked like someone had dumped an old pair of jeans on the bin."

Bin with curtains
Two bins outside Mr Marsden's Siop Newydd have been fitted with the alterations [BBC]

"What's worse is that it is now harder to put things into the bin as you have to forcibly push litter past this dirty plastic, which is putting people off using the bins," added Mr Marsden.

Mr Marsden said the workers who installed the fringes told him it was to "keep gulls out of the bins and stop rubbish blowing around, though neither of those things have ever been a problem here".

Anglesey council said: "We are aware of the work undertaken - as a temporary measure - in Menai Bridge.

"We will revisit the area once a more appropriate solution is available."