‘Angel’ flight attendant soothes screaming baby on first plane flight

A mom said a Southwest flight attendant deserved a raise for soothing her baby.

TikToker Jessica Windsor said an “angel” saved her on flight 2890 last August. It was her baby’s very first flight, which can be pretty overwhelming for adults — never mind infants. When the little one started screaming, the worker swooped in and assisted the mom.

“To the flight attendant who gave my screaming baby a plane tour, thank you,” the video text read.

The flight attendant carried the baby in her arms and walked up and down the aisle. The infant was too preoccupied with enjoying the tour to shed another tear.

The video racked up 2.3 million views, prompting many to praise the airline and worker.

“Of course it’s Southwest. They are literally the best,” a user said.

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“A Southwest attendant did this for me too I’ll never forget it,” another wrote.

“My flight attendant just did this for me on Monday! She was the sweetest!!” a TikToker commented.

“Bless her soul people like her make such a difference,” someone added.

“As a parent, these kinds of people are actual walking angels. It takes a village and I’m so grateful for people like her,” a person replied.

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