Amp Up Your Quiche With Mayo For The Smoothest Bite

quiche sliced on a plate
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With a buttery, flaky crust and a dreamy, savory custard filling, quiche is utterly scrumptious. Popular hot or cold, its versatile toppings and filling nature make it an excellent brunch or lunch option. When it's prepared appropriately, quiche is stunning; however, a bite can quickly turn to disappointment when it's missing that smooth, creamy texture. However, with the addition of the seemingly ordinary mayonnaise, your quiche will achieve that smooth, irresistible bite every time.

Mix a few tablespoons of mayonnaise into the other wet ingredients, before pouring it over your preferred extras in the pastry dish. Unlike other baked goods -- where mayonnaise may replace eggs -- the condiment does not substitute eggs in this recommended quiche hack. Instead, the mayonnaise intensifies the quiche's eggy taste and soothes the cooked texture. Once you've mixed it with the other wet ingredients, pour it over your extras and bake it. You'll soon see how magically velvety the texture becomes.

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Mayonnaise Will Make Your Quiche Texture Extra Smooth

quiche with meat and cheese
quiche with meat and cheese - Markgillow/Getty Images

While mayonnaise may not be part of the traditional ways to make quiche, it is an undeniably valuable addition. To make the filling as smooth as possible, whisk the mayonnaise in a bowl with the milk before you add the eggs. This ensures you're not overbeating the eggs. Some quiche recipes may even stretch to include half of a jar of mayonnaise, which will create a creamy texture. However, remember to keep track of how much salt you will include in the rest of the tart. If you're adding ingredients like cheese or bacon, these foods will raise the sodium levels in your quiche.

In a quiche Lorraine -- where you can use heavy cream to create a richer flavor and a silkier texture -- you can still add mayonnaise. Just be sure you do not ruin the delicate taste of the eggs with other rich ingredients. If you believe you've added too much mayonnaise, adding more of the other components is best to even it out. You could even try adding strong, acidic, or spicy flavors to cut through the mayonnaise flavor. Mustard or lemon would work well, depending on the other ingredients you add to the quiche.

Other Tips For Amping Up Your Quiche

quiche with vegetables
quiche with vegetables - MariaZubareva/Shutterstock

That's right, mayonnaise is unapologetically heroic, yet modest. It's a basic and convenient condiment that patiently awaits its use in your next quiche. However, in all its simplicity, it's essential to remember there are brands of mayonnaise to buy and to avoid. If you plan to go the whole hog and add half a jar to your quiche, choose a well-balanced and delicious mayonnaise.

It's also essential not to ruin that smooth texture with wet or oily extras. If you add cooked vegetables to the pie crust, ensure they are patted dry before pouring your egg, mayonnaise, and milk mixture over the top. Bake the quiche until it has a golden top and a little wiggle in the filling. This should take 35 to 45 minutes.

If you're unsure whether it's baked through, insert a toothpick into the center of the quiche; when it comes out clean, the quiche is ready to serve. The next time you're planning a friend's brunch or you've got a craving for quiche, add in a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise and see just how delicious your quiche's texture becomes.

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