"American Fiction" Star Erika Alexander Got Choked Up Thanking Her Mom For The Sacrifices She Made For Her Career

Erika Alexander might be walking the Oscars red carpet, but she believes her mother deserves the biggest award of all.

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Erika stars in the comedy-drama American Fiction, which is currently nominated for Best Picture among four other awards. The film focuses on Monk (Jeffrey Wright), an author who becomes famous after jokingly writing an outlandish, satirical book that panders to Black stereotypes. The movie also focuses on the importance of family after Monk notices his mother is showing signs of Alzheimer's disease.

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Touching on those familial dynamics while being interviewed before the ceremony, Variety asked Erika if she wanted to send her mom a special message.

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Erika immediately got choked up as she expressed her gratitude and love for her mother, Sammie Alexander.

"Thank you," Erika said. "Thank you for the sacrifice, for putting me in that acting course, where they found me in a Merchant Ivory film like 40 years ago."

Closeup of Erika Alexander being interviewed by Variety

"[Thank you] for spending your last money on educating your children. I want to say this is your victory and I walk in this space because of you. We're not done yet. Thank you. I love you."

Closeup of Erika Alexander being interviewed

Erika, who rose to fame after starring in hit series like Living Single and The Cosby Show, has never missed an opportunity to gush over her mother. Whether it's Mother's Day, a just-because post, or International Women's Day, Erika has proved time and time again that she's her mom's biggest fan.

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Last month, she stopped by the Tamron Hall Show, and she couldn't help but smile from ear-to-ear as she discussed her mom's kind heart.

It doesn't get any sweeter than that! Be sure to check out the full Variety clip below.

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