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Think small: Amazon has tiny homes back in stock

tiny home
They may be tiny in size, but they're huge on style and function. (Photo: Amazon)

Tiny homes are where it's at — and some are back in stock for 2023. Whether you want an instant guest room behind your normal-size house, have use for a home office that's separate from your living quarters or need to seriously downsize, tiny homes will fit the bill. There are even a bunch of reality shows dedicated to the phenomenon. But it turns out that you don't have to hire a special contractor to build your pint-size abode — you can just order one from Amazon. That's right: The mega-retailer is selling tiny home kits, delivering your new dream house right to your door. The structures are available starting at just over $3,000, which is pretty impressive. They tend to sell out fast, so snap ’em up while you can.

What's a better gift to your family than a new home, even if it is tiny? Add one to your shopping cart right now, before the holiday is over.


Puzhong Container Home

Need we remind you, this Presidents' Day, that Abe Lincoln grew up in a log cabin? So grab one of these and set to plotting your course for world domination!
$4,000 at Amazon
Handy Home Products

Handy Home Products Palisade Shed

'Handy' is right! This tiny home is billed as a shed, but that's much too modest. It features sliding barn-style double doors, overhead windows to let in light and an overall modern look for a chic vibe.
$2,853 at Amazon
Handy Home Products

Handy Home Products Rookwood Wooden Storage Shed

Granted, if your property is on a location like the one pictured, you ain't gonna be living in this. Still, this is no mere shed. This wooden mini-home is just the right size for a den or an "outdoor" living room that can be used all year long.
$3,035 at Amazon

Handy Home Products Windemere Do-it-Yourself Home

Let there be light! Windows dominate one wall of this home, and there's even a transom row above that. Farmhouse-style shutters and a barn door entrance add to the cool effect.
$3,294 at Amazon

Puzhong's New Spire Prefabricated Container House

This modern-looking modular building has a little of everything, including a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony, giving you all the comforts of home in a tiny package. Warning: If you let your post-college offspring stay here till they're "ready to launch," they may never leave!
$8,800 at Amazon

Cedarshed Farmhouse

Do you have 'Little House on the Prairie' dreams? This tiny farmhouse will make them come true. It features a 20-by-14-foot main dwelling, with an expansive (by tiny-home standards) 4-foot deep covered porch. Set out a rocker and enjoy the view.
$15,368 at Amazon
Best Barns Inc.

Arlington Shed Kit

'Shed' your wasteful, overly expensive dwelling (with utility bills to match) and decamp to this adorable pint-size abode. Enjoy sconces, shutters and even dormers for the full effect.
$8,895 at Amazon

And if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)