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Ring's latest device makes voice intercom systems smarter

It'll let you open your building's front door from your phone.


Ring is today announcing Intercom, its twist on the video and audio entry systems found in many apartment blocks. It’s designed to complement the hardware that’s already wired in to these buildings, and will work with a number of existing audio intercom handsets already in place. But unlike those systems, users will be able to communicate with visitors via their phone, and can offer specific access rights to frequent visitors. Similarly, you can give a pass to your local Amazon driver who will be able to drop a parcel off at your building without you needing to be in.

Ring Intercom
Ring Intercom

I would assume that Intercom would be predominantly targeted at building owners rather than renters, but the company has said it's easy enough for anyone to install. More interesting is that Ring Intercom won't come to the US until 2023, and will instead make its debut in the UK and Germany, with shipping due to start on October 26th. That's mostly common-sense, since there's significantly more apartment blocks in Europe than in the US, and it'll hit Spain, France and Italy in early 2023 as well. The unit will be sold for £120, or as a bundle with some extra battery gear for £150, although you might find an introductory deal knocks that price down by some margin.