How Amazon plans to block Australians from using popular feature

Australian Amazon customers will soon no longer be able to buy from Amazon US.

In an email to customers on Thursday, the store said from July 1 Australian customers will be re-directed from to “as a result of changes to Australian GST law”.

Amazon said Australian customers will still be able to buy products sold by Amazon US on the Amazon Global Store.

Australian customers will no longer be able to use the Amazon US website from July 1. File pic. Source: Getty Images

“We have taken this step to provide our customers with continued access to international selection and allow us to remain compliant with the law which requires us to collect and remit GST on products sold on Amazon sites that are shipped from overseas,” the email read.

“Amazon Global Store will allow Australian customers to shop on for over four million items that were previously only accessible on

“This selection is in addition to the more than 60 million products that are already available on across 23 categories, including books, fashion, toys, and electronics.” 

From July 1, the GST will apply to overseas sales of low value goods bought by Australians equal to or less than the value of A$1000.

Amazon wrote a recommendation to the Senate stating its concerns about the GST bill’s introduction last year.

It suggested the “hybrid Vendor Model” introduced by the government was “ill-considered and untested”.

eBay also stated its case against the Bill which applied GST to overseas sales.