Delivery driver caught out in 'appalling' act outside home

An Amazon delivery driver has been filmed stealing a child’s bike from the driveway of a home.

Kristen Casey daughter’s bike was taken from their home in Mount Dora, in the US state of Florida, after the driver delivered a package on August 11.

A Ring doorbell cam captured the driver walking up to the door to make his delivery before looking at the bike.

The Amazon driver then mounts the bike and rides it off the property.

An Amazon delivery man approaches a Florida home with a package. Source: Caters

The bike has since been returned after the local authorities and Amazon identified him.

He’s no longer working for Amazon.

Ms Casey said she was “furious” and “appalled” someone would steal her daughter’s bike.

“We immediately contacted Amazon, who advised us to file a police report,” she said.

The delivery man rides away on the girl's bike. Source: Caters

“We contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Office and filed a police report on the incident.

“Since the driver appears to have made a mistake, and agreed to return the bike, I agreed not to press charges against the driver.”

She’s since forgiven the driver and believes he just made a “big mistake”.

A spokesperson for Amazon said the organisation has apologised to Ms Casey.

"This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages,” the spokesperson said.

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