Alone Australia's Gina reveals what actually happens when you leave the competition

Alone Australia's Gina tells Yahoo Lifestyle what actually happens when you leave the competition, and it's not what you'd likely expect.

Video transcript

- So when we left the spot, we would be taken to a staging area. And in that staging area, there would be like a final interview and just all of the wrapping up things. And then they gave us our first meal. And when we're out there [? on ?] in this kind of a challenge, we didn't know that there was a refeeding program when we came out. So I think everyone probably had these food fantasies like oh, I'm going to have this fabulous steak. Oh, I'm going to have chocolate ice cream. I'm going to have this, I'm going to have that.

And what actually happens is there's a very precise and strict program of what calories are allowed in what ratios. Because if too much sugar hits the system in starvation, you can have a heart attack apparently.

Anyway, so I sat down on this-- the stairs of this little building because I couldn't go inside it, and they brought me my first meal. I was like a banshee. I was still in my possum coat. I was filthy. Like my hands were black, my face was black, and then they give me a lasagna. And I'm-- I'm surprised I didn't eat the hand of the woman who gave it to me. Because I yeah, once I smelled it was like, cheese-- you're giving me cheese? Oh my goodness. So yeah, the first meal, which was-- which was a lot smaller than I probably would have wanted, yeah, turned me into a ravening animal.