'Almost fed it to the kids': Dad's shock find in Coles cheese

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A father has issued a warning for anyone who buys Coles shredded cheese — claiming he found shards of plastic in a packet.

TikTok user @addictedtotools posted a video of a packet of Australian tasty cheddar shredded cheese, claiming he found plastic in his and urged people — in particular parents — to check through the food before eating it.

"All you parents out here, if this is something you have in the fridge, or this is something you eat often, make sure you check it," he said, before panning over to a pile of shredded plastic he found in the cheese.

A series of screenshots from the TikTok video. First frame is a shot of the Coles tasty cheddar shredded cheese, second is a shot of the shredded cheese on the bench and third is the pile of shredded plastic on a wooden shopping board.
The dad claims to have founds shreds of plastic in a packet of Coles cheese. Source: TikTok

"Just found all that in here — almost fed it to the kids."

"Make sure you check."

The clip has since been viewed over 68,000 times, with some users saying they have had the same issue with the cheese. 

"I have also found plastic in those Coles cheese bags a few times, so I don't buy them anymore," one user wrote. 

The man later said in a comment he had been eating the cheese himself when he tasted the plastic, which made him look through the rest of the packet. 

“Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously," a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"We urge customers with a complaint to contact our Customer Care team so we can follow up their concerns.

"As always we encourage customers to return any item they’re not 100 per cent happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement.”

Customer praises Coles response to baby formula error

Earlier in the months, the mother of a 16-month-old baby praised Coles staff after she received some baby formula in an order she'd done while in hotel quarantine, which was unfortunately still sealed shut. 

After posting a photo and a complaint on the Facebook page, the supermarket replaced the formula with an unsealed tin the same day.

The woman's husband Parag told Yahoo News Australia that despite being upset with the mistake originally, the family was extremely grateful for their fast response in fixing the mishap.

“My wife did get the baby formula the same day. We are so happy that they corrected their mistake so quickly,” he said.

“Everyone makes mistakes and I am sure the people who were delivering it had good intentions, but they didn't realise.”

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