Alligators disrupt golf game with snappy duel

Mel Buttigieg

This video provides a new meaning to the phrase 'course hazard', capturing the moment two alligators were caught in a snappy fight on the green.

A man can be heard saying “Oh my God” as one of the predators bites down on the others.

Two gators duel at a golf course in Florida. Source: Facebook/ City of Sarasota

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The fight seems to be brief, before the opponent wriggles to freedom, then the two strut off to a nearby lake.

The brief squabble happened last week at the Bobby Jones Golf Club, in Sarasota, Florida, as Barbara Mossop was playing a course.

The golf course took the opportunity to remind members to be careful of their surroundings in the video posted to Facebook Friday with the caption: "Gators Fighting (or Mating?) at Bobby Jones Golf Club".

However some Facebook users couldn’t help but find the humorous side to the video.

After a few moments of attacking, the gators saunter over to a nearby lake in an orderly line. Facebook/ City of Sarasota

“If that was mating, that was some rough foreplay!” one person wrote.

"’Honey I told you to come home now get off this golf course!!!," joked another.

Another user wrote: “Another reason why I don't golf”