'Crazy and scary': Terrifying video shows alligator climbing fence

Terrifying new footage is proof alligators might be craftier than we give them credit for, with a huge reptile caught on video climbing over a wire fence.

The video, shared on Saturday, shows the clever reptile scaling the mesh fence at a Florida Naval Air Station, with ease.

“There it goes. Over the fence. Over the fence it went,” a woman can be heard telling a young boy while watching the event unfold.

“Ooh!” the excited boy responds.

An alligator was caught on camera scaling a fence at Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. Source: Christina Stewart / Facebook

In just seconds, the gator appears to make an effortless landing on the other side of the fence before it continues on its way along the Jacksonville property.

The woman, who posted the clip to Facebook, said she couldn’t resist watching the feat up close.

“When someone says there is an alligator on base of course I have to go see and glad I did got to watch him or her crawl over the gate and disappear so neat,” Christina Stewart wrote in her post.

The alligator makes its way up and over the wire fence with ease. Source: Christina Stewart / Facebook

Many who watched the clip were amazed by the creature’s effort, but not too keen on such a close encounter themselves.

One wrote: “Oh my gosh how crazy nooo thank you.”

Cool but no thanks I'd rather not lol,” another added.

“Ummm excuse me while I s**t my pants!!!! I didn’t know the damn things could climb fences!!!!” a third commented.

The video has been watched more than 264,000 times in just four days.

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