Allies rally around May after resignations

Gavin Cordon
UK senior ministers Boris Johnson (L) and David Davis have baulked at Theresa May's Brexit plan

Senior ministers have rallied around British Prime Minister Theresa May as the shockwaves triggered by the resignations of high-profile frontbenchers Boris Johnson and David Davis continue to reverberate through the government.

Jeremy Hunt, appointed the new foreign secretary in Johnson's place, has vowed he will be behind May in driving through her controversial Brexit plan.

Pro-Brexit members of the government like Johnson and Davis had been angry at the proposals agreed at Friday's meeting of the Cabinet, which they branded as "Brexit in name only."

However it was unclear whether they have the numbers to force a leadership challenge.

Under party rules, 48 Tory MPs must write to the chairman of a backbench committee, Sir Graham Brady, to trigger a no-confidence vote.

Sir Graham has consistently refused to say whether he had received any such letters.

Many Brexit campaigners were furious after Downing Street said it would be be briefing Labour MPs on the government's plan.

Pro-Brexit government MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: "If the Government plans to get the deal through on the back of Labour Party votes that would be the most divisive thing you could do."

He says he has not submitted a letter of no confidence to the backbench committee, but the Daily Mail reported Rees-Mogg said Johnson would make a "brilliant" prime minister.