Allergy sufferers' outrage after McDonald's contamination

Allergy sufferers will need to get their burger fix elsewhere, after McDonald’s warned its buns and English muffins at UK restaurants may now contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Contamination warning signs have reportedly been put up at restaurants advising customers with allergies to: “Please be aware that our Buns and English Breakfast Muffins may contain Nuts and Peanuts until further notice.”

While a McDonald’s Australia spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo7 the risk had no impact on Australian product supplies, complaints have appeared on social media in the UK.

McDonald’s warned its buns and English muffins sold at some UK stores may now contain traces of nuts and peanuts. Source: Yahoo Magazines

The news has angered those with food allergies, particularly those who suffer anaphylactic reactions.

Twitter user Moli shared a picture of one of the notices that appeared in a restaurant last week.

He wrote: “Another reason not to eat McDonald’s. The buns and muffins might contain nuts or peanuts.”

A spokesman for McDonald’s UK told the Mirror Online the contamination risk was only temporary.

“We have been made aware that traces of nuts and peanut may have entered our supply chain and come into contact with the Buns and English Breakfast Muffins served in some of our restaurants,” the spokesman said.

Anaphylaxis Campaign shared a warning alert on its website, reportedly funded by the fast food chain. Source: Anaphylaxis Campaign

“We have already introduced clear signposting in the restaurants affected at the front counter, on self-order screens, at drive-thru and on the click & collect and UBEREATS McDelivery apps.

“The health and safety of our customers is our absolute priority, and this is a temporary issue which we are working to rectify as quickly as possible.”

A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson confirmed the contamination risk was a UK issue only and did not impact local restaurants.