Allergy remedies put to the test

Dr John D'Arcy

For about 40 per cent of Australians, spring means runny noses, red and itchy eyes, itchy throats and feeling lousy. Today Tonight road tests three different allergy treatments.

Kate, Tamara, and Sue-Linn are all on the search for a cure which science is yet to find but in the meantime they need relief. Today Tonight decided to set a challenge with each woman sent to a different allergy treatment.

Tamara Meek can't remember life without hay fever. She's tried medication before but nothing has worked so she visited allergy specialist Professor Connie Katelaris.

"I have been having runny nose, itchy eyes, dry raspy throat and that triggers off my asthma," said Ms Meek.

Professor Katelaris said that it's important when she consults Tamara that she helps her understand the role of her medication.

"This will improve her quality of life, stop her losing time from work but most importantly reduce her symptoms," said Professor Kataleris.

To perform an allergy test Professor Kataleris pricks Tamara's skin with allergens like dust, pollen and cat dander. If the skin swells up it indicates Tamara's allergic to that substance. Fifteen minutes later and Tamara's wrist is swelling up to two allergens - dust mite and pollens.

"Once we know the triggers of allergic rhinitis or asthma we have the chance of modifying them or removing them from the environment," said Professor Kataleris.

Tamara was prescribed a nasal spray, an asthma inhaler, and a prescription strength eye drop that prevents and cures eye allergy.

"I have actually learnt what I am allergic to and how I can manage it better and what's the best treatment," said Tamara.

Kate has suffered from hay fever for the past 18 months and relies heavily on antihistamines.

"I don't think the antihistamine tablets are working for me," said Kate. "I've come here to see if there's an alternative approach."

Kate visited naturopath Claudette Wadsworth for an in-depth one hour consultation and went through the different body systems to get a clear picture of what's going on.

"We're looking at the whole body, so what else is going on in the body that may be influencing or causing or aggravating the allergy," said Ms Wadsworth.

Ms Wadsworth uses iridology as a diagnostic tool and gave Kate a zinc sulphate mouthwash to assess the zinc levels in her body.

"It will show deficiency signs according to whether or not they've had a strong taste or weak taste in the mouth," said Ms Wadsworth.

Kate must cut back on sugar, dairy, nuts and alcohol, take certain herbs to boost the immune system and help her respiratory tract plus some vitamin C powder. Ms Wadsworth couldn't suggest the usual herbs for hay fever as Kate suffers anaphylactic shocks to certain herbs.

"I really want it to be successful because I'm really sick of being sick," said Kate.

Sue-Linn tried the latest treatment for allergy sufferers, Advanced Allergy Elimination.

"I've tried most things before and they've worked but only on a short term basis," said Sue-Linn.

Dr Malcolm Robertson exposed Sue-Linn to a small amount of pollen mix.

"Advanced allergy elimination links a positive response in the body with exposure to small amounts of the allergen and in that way allows the body's immune response to reconfigure," said Dr Robertson.

Dr Robertson also uses traditional acupuncture points down the back which strengthens the organs immune response to the allergen.

Its taken 10 years of development but this treatment boasts an 83 per cent success rate in relieving symptoms and eliminating allergies.

"The process is quick, it's easy, it's non invasive, it doesn't involve any drugs and the patients allergies are eliminated," said Dr Robertson.

Sue-Linn will have one to five treatments at the Advanced Allergy Elimination Centre.

"The logic is there so hopefully the treatment will work," said Sue-Linn.

The therapy that Professor Katelaris gave to Kate can be done by any General Practitioner or Ear Nose Throat specialist, and respiratory specialists.

For more information on Advanced Allergy Elimination call 1300 853 023 or visit their website:

Claudette Wadsworth from the Life Natural Healing Clinic can be contacted on (02) 9386 1911.


Naturopathy and acupressure are scientifically unproven treatments in relation to asthma, anaphylaxis or severe allergy. It is advised that viewers who suffer with asthma, anaphylaxis or severe allergy seek help from established health practitioners until these therapies are proven to be as effective as currently prescribed medication.''

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