Alleged wife killer committed to trial

Shae McDonald
Gold Coast businessman John Chardon has been committed to face trial over his wife's alleged murder

John Chardon has been committed to stand trial for the alleged murder of his wife Novy five years ago.

Brisbane magistrate Penelope Hay on Tuesday afternoon ruled there was enough evidence for the Gold Coast businessman to go before a Supreme Court jury.

It followed a five-day hearing that featured explosive evidence from convicted conman Peter Foster and a Filipino man claiming to be Chardon's lover.

Foster alleged Chardon made a jailhouse confession, while the pair were incarcerated in 2015, that he shot Novy in the back of the head using a gun with a homemade silencer.

The notorious conman claimed the accused killer then said he took her body to the Southport Seaway sometime after he killed her in February 2013.

"John told me that he put Novy in the seaway after 8pm when the tide was running out to sea until midnight," he said in his police statement.

Foster claimed he asked Chardon how he could be sure her body wouldn't be seen by fishing boats or in the moonlight.

"I weighted her with moderate weights so she would go under," he alleged the Gold Coast businessman said.

Filipino man Marshall Bari Aguilor gave evidence on Tuesday that Chardon had asked him if he could kill after the pair had sex for the first time.

"I was stunned but I didn't show him that expression; I just controlled myself," he said.

Aguilor said he asked Chardon who he wanted to kill.

"He said 'my wife'," he told the court.

The Filipino said he asked the businessman why he wanted her dead.

He claimed Chardon said it was because his Novy wanted a divorce and once that happened she would get half of his business.

Aguilor went on to say he was asked if he could help Chardon find three hit men, whom he would pay $US10,000 each "to do the job for Novy".

The court heard he was paid 30,000 pesos, the equivalent of about $750, to find the hit men, but he never did.

Novy was last seen on February 6, 2013, but her body has never been found despite an extensive search and a $250,000 reward.

Both Foster and Aguilor denied they were motivated to help with the case because of the potential for financial gain.

Chardon entered a formal plea of not guilty on Tuesday afternoon.

He will go on trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court at a later date.