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Alleged victim's mum recounts Hayne's visit to home

The mother of the woman Jarryd Hayne is accused of sexually assaulting says her daughter told her there was "no way" she would have sex with the former NRL player.

Hayne, 35, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

The woman he is accused of performing non-consensual oral and digital intercourse on cannot be identified.

Her mother gave evidence in Hayne's third trial in the NSW District Court on Thursday.

She assumed a knock on the door of their suburban Newcastle home on the night of the 2018 NRL grand final was a friend of her daughter.

"She couldn't drive. Her friends would visit her," she said.

"Sometimes they'd come out and talk to me but she had her privacy."

She described a conversation with her daughter.

"She said 'I think he wants to have sex' and she said 'and there's no way'," the mother told the court.

"And I said, 'that's right, no', and I walked back up the hall."

She said she saw Hayne briefly in the lounge room as the game ended, but they did not speak to one another.

Her daughter later knocked on her door, telling her Hayne had left because he had a nosebleed.

The next day she showed her mother pictures showing injuries to her genitalia.

She recalled her daughter saying Hayne was "forceful" and "persistent", describing him pulling her pants down.

About a month later, the alleged victim made a video call to her sister.

"She had obviously been crying ... she was visibly upset," her sister told the court on Thursday.

She showed blood spotted on bedding.

"Was it when you saw the blood that you responded 'it's rape'?" Hayne's barrister Margaret Cunneen SC asked.

"Yes," the woman's sister said.

"When you said that, did she say 'no it's not, don't worry, it's all good'?" Ms Cunneen asked.

"Yes," she replied.

The sister's husband contacted a journalist, who put him in touch with the NRL Integrity Unit.

Ms Cunneen asked if it occurred to him to contact police instead.

"That would have been my first preference, but my wife told me she wouldn't go," he said on Thursday.

His wife earlier told the court how her sister described Hayne's conduct on the night.

"He was a bit of an arsehole and had a taxi waiting the whole time," she said.

Helen Morel accepted a $550 fare to drive Hayne to Sydney.

She later asked for another $50, which Hayne gave her, for making her wait.

She told the court Hayne was drinking a "brightly coloured mixed drink" in the Silver Service taxi when he asked to stop by the woman's house to collect a bag.

When Ms Morel grew tired of waiting she knocked on the door and asked if Hayne was ready to go.

"A few minutes later he came out and leant through the car window and said he'd be a few minutes because his bag hadn't arrived," she said.

Crown prosecutor John Sfinas told the jury on the opening day of Hayne's trial the sound of a horn from the waiting taxi contributed to making the woman's interest in having sex "evaporate".

"Did you beep your horn at all while you were waiting?" Mr Sfinas asked on Thursday.

"Someone said that, but I can't remember doing that. It's not something I would normally do," Ms Morel said.

The trial before Judge Graham Turnbull continues.