Alleged Sydney sex offender denied bail

Jodie Stephens

A Sydney man is accused of sexually assaulting an underage teenage girl in incidents captured on a CCTV camera installed in her bedroom by her stepfather.

The 37-year-old, who can't be named for legal reasons, will remain behind bars after NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum on Thursday denied him bail, saying the Crown had an "overwhelmingly strong" case against him.

It appears police learned of the assaults when they executed a search warrant at the girl's home last year and found the 2015 footage, the court heard.

Justice McCallum said her stepfather had installed a CCTV camera and retained footage of at least two of the alleged acts involving the man.

He has been charged with multiple counts of acting as a client in prostitution with a child aged between 14 and 18 and sexual intercourse with a child aged between 14 and 16.

Justice McCallum said the man's alleged text messages revealed someone "capable of exerting considerable pressure on young girls" and keeping it secret from his wife and children.

She said in some messages, the girl started conversations about receiving money for sexual acts and the man spoke about taking time off work to see her.

He allegedly tried convincing her to get a younger child involved in the sexual activity but the girl said she was too young and not ready.

The man's barrister, Anthony Bellanto SC, said the alleged offences covered a nine-month period to September 2015 and there was no suggestion his client had recently attempted to contact the girl.

The court heard he was only arrested and charged in July 2017 after police released an image in an attempt to find him.

The man allegedly came forward, identified himself and asked police to remove the photo.