Alleged slaver 'threw boiling tea, water'

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A Tamil woman allegedly enslaved by a Melbourne couple for eight years told police she had boiling water and tea thrown at her and was hit with frozen chicken.

The woman arrived at hospital in 2015 weighing just 40kg, and suffering from sepsis and untreated diabetes.

Her alleged captors, who cannot be identified, are standing trial in Victoria's Supreme Court accused of possessing the woman as a slave for eight years prior.

The woman aged in her 60s told investigators the wife would hit her on the head with frozen chicken.

"She will take a chicken, frozen chicken, and hit (it) on my head," the alleged victim from Tamil Nadu said through a translator.

She also said the wife threw boiling water and tea at her face and on her leg.

"She'll be drinking and then she will throw it on my face," the woman said.

"When it's bubbling, she will put it on my leg.

"Then I would get, like, big boils there and she won't look at it."

The woman had twice travelled from India to care for the Mount Waverley couple's children before returning in 2007, when the slavery is alleged to have begun.

She alleged the wife hit her on the head with a plate and cut her with a knife.

"So sometimes the blood will be running and I will run to the husband ... and I will say 'I can't bear this pain'," the woman told police.

"But what can I do, there's no one here to ask for me ... I can't run out and she was cruel, cruel."

She was also allegedly made to prepare food with a broken hand and hit while she cooked.

"Even if it is OK, she will just, you know, throw it on my head," the alleged victim said.

"Also she will pick all the vegetables and she will put it in my mouth and she will stuff it, and she will say, 'eat, eat, eat'."

The woman said she was called a "sinner", told she was from a "beggar family" and that her daughter back home should become a prostitute.

When her accused captors went on holidays, she was allegedly locked in the house, with the stove covered and the cupboard taped up.

But the woman said she still had to clean, couldn't use the sofa but only a specific chair and wasn't allowed to open the blinds in case someone saw her.

When the family was around, she said she went to bed at three or four o'clock in the morning and got up again around 5.30am.

The children were also allegedly hit by their mother, the court was told.

"If someone come and knock on the door, she (the wife) will talk to them happily, but no one knows what happens inside the house," the alleged slave said.

The trial continues.