'It's painful': Alleged drink driver's 'ironic' bumper sticker

Josh Dutton
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A man charged with drink driving after backing into a police car has left some people in stitches over his choice of bumper sticker.

Jeffery Dewayne Cannon, 41, was allegedly seen speeding near Sandy, in the US state of Oregon, on Saturday about 11pm and police pulled him over.

“As the deputy walked up to contact the driver, the deputy called out to the driver to turn off his car,” police said.

“The driver didn't respond. Instead, the Jetta rolled backward about 25 feet (7 metres) - only coming to a stop when it hit the front of our patrol car.”

Police said alcohol could be smelt coming from the car and found an open beer which was half-full in Cannon’s cup holder.

Jeffery Dewayne Cannon, 41, is pictured.
Jeffery Dewayne Cannon, 41, has been charged with drink driver. Source: Facebook/ Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

Several other empty beer cans were also found in the car, police said.

“The deputy asked Cannon why he let the Jetta roll backward into the patrol car,” police said.

“Cannon reportedly looked confused and then looked back, saying: ‘I didn't know that happened’.”

He was also found with an unlicensed gun, a bag of cocaine and was driving on a suspended licence, police said. 

They also found a conviction on his record prohibiting him from owning a gun.

A Volkswagen Jetta is seen next to a police car.
Cannon allegedly backed his car into the police car. Source: Facebook/ Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

Cannon was given a breath test and when police asked him how he thought he did he responded: “Not good”.

He allegedly blew 0.22.

The 42-year-old was charged with a number of offences including DUI and drug possession.

Bumper sticker garners attention

Eagle-eyed viewers on Facebook were more preoccupied with his bumper sticker.

“Not drunk. Avoiding potholes,” the bumper sticker reads.

One man wrote “the irony is literally painful”.

A Volkswagen Jetta is pictured.
People were bemused by the bumper sticker. Source: Facebook/ Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

“This has to be a joke,” another man wrote.

“Too on the nose.”

One woman wrote, “the bumper sticker got me”.

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