Alison Hammond shares update amid son's hospital trip

alison hammond dermot oleary this morning
Alison Hammond shares update on son's healthITV

This Morning star Alison Hammond has shared an update on her son Aidan after he was admitted to hospital to get his tonsils removed.

In a joint post, Alison and 19-year-old Aidan took to Instagram to reflect on his hospital visit, sharing a series of pictures and videos of him after surgery.

Aidan captioned the post: "Aidan 1 - tonsils 0 and Me high as a [kite emoji]," with Alison commenting: "My poor baby."

One clip saw Aidan speaking to his mum from a hospital bed, saying: "I got my tonsils out, feeling good. Don't know what all the fuss is about really, it's fine. It's fine."

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Alison then said: "Have a lick of ice-cream," with Aidan hilariously replying: "I'm not allowed, shh."

Another video featured the teenager coming round from the anaesthesia, with Alison telling him to "just relax", before Aidan enthusiastically replied: "I am relaxed!"

Alison's ITV co-stars and friends shared their reactions to the hilarious clips in the comments, with Loose Women star Frankie Bridge writing: "Amazing."

This Morning's Josie Gibson shared a group of laughing emojis, while Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford commented: "Yup 2 weeks of pain and a show with at least 10 seasons. Not sure Poldark is @aidanhammond555 thing but it got me through."

alison hammond dermot oleary this morning

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In other news, Alison recently revealed that she is currently dating someone and opened up about the struggles of dating as a single parent, especially now that her son Aidan is an adult.

"I think it's more difficult now because he is more verbal now that he is older," she admitted on the Parenting Hell podcast.

"He'll want to know who this person is and he'll want to meet them. It's a lot harder, because he'll want to know that this guy is treating me well."

She added: "There are moments where I think, 'Who's the parent here?' I do feel that sometimes. It's nice though because it's like I've got somebody always there protecting me, looking over me."

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