Aldi slammed for big change coming to supermarket

Aldi has made a seemingly small but significant change to its shopping experience and it already has left customers furious, with some consumer groups accusing the shopping giant of trying to rip consumers off.

They have shrunk the font size on their shelf price labels, making it harder for customers to read or compare prices whilst shopping.

Apart from shrinking the font size from 5mm to 3mm, they have also changed the labelling from bold to regular.

A spokeswoman from consumer group Choice told The Herald Sun the new labels would be harder to read.

Critics of the change in price labelling suggest customers will find it harder to comparison shop. Source: File/AAP

“The consequence is shoppers don’t necessarily get the best value and they end up potentially spending more,” she said.

Queensland Consumers Association spokesman Ian Jarratt said the new labelling would also disadvantage those with poor eyesight.

An Aldi spokesman said the change was actually intended to “declutter” the labels and “provide clear and clean information to our customers”.

In a statement to Yahoo7, ALDI said they had been phasing in the introduction of new in-store card printers, which are now in 75 per cent of stores.

ALDI said in a statement that ‘to hide price information would run at odds with our business model.’ Source: File/AAP

“As a market leader in the adoption and promotion of unit pricing, we have no interest in minimising this information,” the statement reads.

“We are extremely proud of our price leadership and only want to provide clear and honest information to our customers.

“Price leadership is one of our strongest competitive advantages, to hide price information would run at odds with our business model.

“We have great respect for our customers and would never engage in activity to mislead them. 

“We are disappointed that some people have suggested that we would engage in activity to deceive our customers.

“We will actively seek customer feedback to ensure that our new approach to label pricing is not confusing our valued shoppers.”