Aldi shopper's 'scary' find in cotton tip

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A mum says her daughter found a needle stuck in one end of a cotton tip purchased from an Aldi supermarket.

The Australian woman posted an image of the needle protruding from the white cotton tip to Facebook on Wednesday.

“Be careful. My daughter just went to use a cotton tip and a needle is stuck in one end,” she warned other Aldi shoppers.

The mum said she had contacted Aldi Australia.

The needle sticking out of the cotton tip and the box it came out of.
The mum said her daughter was just about to use the cotton tip when she spotted a needle in it. Source: Facebook

“But because I don’t have a product code I cannot put in a complaint. There is no email or phone number to contact anyone regarding this,” she said.

Other customers were horrified by the startling discovery and urged the woman to contact police.

“Well that’s bloody scary,” one woman said.

“That’s scary and very dangerous,” another commented.

“We have these exact same ones too, and I never look before using them. Hope your daughter is alright,” a third woman chimed in.

Aldi told Yahoo News Australia it has referred the allegation to the police.

"We report all allegations of this nature to police," the supermarket said in a statement.

"We have reached out to the customer to investigate and can confirm we have not received any complaints of a similar nature, nor have we yet been able to review the product in this instance."

Woman accused in strawberry needle saga has charges dropped

A woman accused of sparking a national food safety panic when needles were found inside strawberries across the country had all charges against her dropped last month.

Police said 230 needle contamination incidents were ultimately reported nationwide, affecting 68 strawberry brands.

Growers were forced to destroy entire crops with financial losses estimated at about $160 million.

My Ut Trinh, 51, was due to stand trial charged with food contamination offences.

Ms Trinh had worked at Berrylicious in her hometown of Caboolture, north of Brisbane, between September 2 and 7, 2018, when prosecutors previously alleged she inserted needles into the fruit.

She had been charged with seven counts of contamination of goods with intent to cause economic loss.

However, the start of the Brisbane District Court trial was delayed after two days of legal argument and Ms Trinh was told on July 14 that prosecutors had dropped all charges.

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