Aldi shoppers bemused by cheese packaging fail: 'Diet version'

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Aldi shoppers were in stitches after a Melbourne customer shared a photo of the "invisible" Edam cheese slices she discovered in-store.

The Melburnian was perusing the dairy section of Aldi's Karingal Shopping Centre store in Frankston on Sunday when she picked up the empty pack of Emporium Selection Edam Cheese Slices.

"Aldi... the place to go if you're wanting to cut down on food wastage. You can now buy empty packs of cheese," joked the shopper in a post to a popular Facebook group.

Empty Edam cheese slice pack in Aldi store
Aldi fans were amused by the "invisible" Edam cheese slices a customer found. Source: Facebook

Alongside the post, she shared two photos of the 10-slice cheese pack which was missing the key ingredient: cheese.

Aldi confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that in the unlikely circumstance a customer was to purchase this product, they would be eligible to return it for a full refund.

Aldi customers are also encouraged to return any product they are not satisfied with for a refund or replacement.

Calorie counters weigh in

Fellow Aldi fans were quick to make light of the situation, with many joking that the empty cheese pack might be favoured by people looking to lose weight.

"That's the diet version," joked one shopper.

"The weight loss version, 'Air Edam Cheese Slices'," joked a second.

"It's the new low-fat, no sugar, gluten-free, meat-free, nut-free, dairy-free and egg-free cheese slices," added a third.

Aldi shopper enters open supermarket with empty trolley
Fellow Aldi fans were quick to make light of the situation, with many joking that the empty cheese pack was the "diet version". Source: Getty

A fourth wrote: "Lowest calorie cheese on the market".

Others joked that Aldi was now stocking "invisible food" and the non-existent cheese was "good for intermittent fasting".

Not the first Aldi product fail

Meanwhile, others shared their own stories of similar product fails in everything from cheese to baked beans.

"They have a bad habit of selling mouldy cheese too," wrote one shopper.

"I opened a can of baked beans to find six lonely little beans floating in a can of sauce," revealed another.

Aldi dinosaur-shaped nuggets fused together
Aldi shoppers were in hysterics when a customer shared a photo of two dinosaur nuggets who appeared to be caught in a "special moment". Source: Facebook

Previously, Aldi shoppers were in stitches after a customer shared a photo of two dinosaur nuggets which had become fused together in what looked like an intimate moment.

"What's the problem? That's how they make more Dino nuggets!" joked one shopper.

How did Aldi staff missed empty pack?

Others questioned how Aldi staff didn't notice the empty packet when stocking the shelves.

"Omg, staff should never have put [that] out," laughed one shopper.

However, one woman responded saying it was an easy mistake to make as the cheese packs come in boxes.

"It's in a box so they probably didn't notice," she wrote.

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