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Aldi shopper shocked by price detail on chicken: 'Must be very tasty!'

Spotting markdown bargains at the supermarket is always a bonus for budget-savvy shoppers.

But one Aldi shopper recently picked up a very strange in-store bargain, after noticing an odd detail on a packet of chicken.

Following a visit to the Cardiff Aldi store in the Greater Newcastle area of New South Wales, the shopper shared her surprising discovery on social media.

“I was in Cardiff Aldi this morning, and found this chicken 'marked down' to $351.00,” the customer wrote on Facebook.

“I showed it to a staff member, and he was a bit shocked. Must be very tasty chicken!”

The markdown mistake stated that the free-range chicken was originally priced at $702 but was on sale for 50 percent off for the bargain price of $351.

Aldi chicken with a $351 price tag. Source: Facebook
An Aldi shopper was shocked to see that markdown price of the store's free-range chicken after a pricing error. Source: Facebook

Shoppers share in the joke

The shopper shared the funny slip up to the Aldi Mums Facebook page where, naturally, other Aldi shoppers had a range of amusing reactions.

“For that price, I’d expect it to cook itself, clean up the kitchen, feed it to me and throw in a massage at the very least!” one shopper said.

“Look- it’s pretty cheap considering it’s 50 per cent off!” said another.

While a third shopper joked: “Is that "cheap" or "cheep"??”

The Aldi customer who spotted the error said she was tempted to take it to the checkout to see what would happen with some suggesting she could have bagged the product for free.

But the shopper said she just pointed out the obvious mistake to staff.

Aldi supermarket store front. Source: Getty Images
The surprising price increase has been put down to human error. Source: Getty Images

Meanwhile, others added to the comments that they’ve noticed more errors than normal across all supermarkets due to the current lockdowns across NSW and felt sorry for the staff.

“Aldi stores are making a lot of mistakes with just apprentices working,” one person said.

“Aldi trying to keep the shelves stocked from all the panic shoppers,” added another.

'Exhausted' supermarket staff pushed to the limit

Meanwhile, "exhausted" supermarket staff across Greater Sydney say they are scrambling to restock shelves amid major supply shortages caused by the city’s escalating Covid crisis.

Woolworths and Coles are both grappling with serious distribution issues after thousands of staff members were forced into isolation, resulting in “reduced product availability in stores and online.”

Confronting images of bare shelves at several stores have flooded social media, with one worker sharing insight into the “amazing” effort behind the scenes to replenish stock while short-staffed.

Empty supermarket shelves. Source: Facebook
Shoppers are Coles and Woolworths supermarkets are faced with empty shelves. Source: Facebook

“Us night fillers are working till 3am in the morning waiting for these trucks to arrive. Last night one came in at 1.30am. All must be on shelves before trading day. We are exhausted but we keep going,” said one Woolies worker in a private Facebook group.

Comments praising the hard work of supermarket staff swiftly followed.

“We thank you and the night fillers,” wrote one person.

Another said: “Thinking of you all as you are doing an amazing job to keep food on the shelves.”

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