Aldi shopper reveals how she spends just $15 on meals for a whole week

A "broke" uni student has amazed TikTok with her low-cost Aldi haul that keeps her fed for a week.

After moving out of home, 20-year-old Aussie Ella Tigani has been trying to keep her food budget low amid soaring grocery prices, noting the challenges of eating healthily when funds are less than adequate.

"As you know, I have no money... I had a budget of $15 to go to Aldi and get just as much as I could that was going to last me," Ms Tigani told her TikTok followers in the video captioned "Living Out Of Home Vlog".

"I'm pretty rapt with what I got," she said, showing viewers her receipt of $15.28 before presenting her haul.

What she got for $15

"For a $1.40 each, I got carbonara... these will last me two meals," she said, showing two packets of pasta.

"This is the most expensive thing I bought," she continued as she proceeded to show viewers a tray of sausages. "But five bucks, this will last me three dinners and a loaf of bread to go with it which I can freeze, and that can last me two weeks."

Also included in Ms Tigani's grocery haul was a pack of garlic bread which she said had two rolls. "The garlic bread was cheap and will fill me up," she said before finally showing viewers a tub of dip and a bag of corn chips which would serve as a snack.

TikTok success

Ms Tigani's video, which was just over a minute long, has racked up over 200,000 views since it was posted.

"Another cheap meal idea, I buy 2 chicken fillets from deli, bag of frozen veg and a teriyaki sauce & rice will make about 4 dinners for about $10,” one viewer suggested in response to the video, which was followed by nearly 300 comments from viewers either showing support or sharing their own cheap meal ideas to get through a tight budget.

Following the instant success of her first Aldi haul video, which didn't include fresh produce, Ms Tigani posted a second clip where she addressed the reality of trying to eat healthy on a budget in 2022.

"I'm obviously gonna try to eat a bit healthier... Let’s be real. It's 2022, $15 isn't gonna get me nothing if I'm trying to eat healthy. That's just the reality we live in, especially in Australia. I don't know about anywhere else but I'm gonna try to get more frozen veg," she said before letting viewers know she was going to have carbonara next and had two sausages and bread the night before, but also admitted to "accidentally" eating the whole packet of chips as well.

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