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Aldi shopper reveals $35 grocery hack to make six meals

It’s no secret that many Aussie shoppers are struggling to pay for groceries amid the soaring costs of everyday essentials.

One Aussie shopper who was coming “dangerously close” to running out of money to pay for food set herself a challenge to spend under $35 for six meals at Aldi.

Let’s face it, a bag of groceries for under $35 is basically unheard of these days.

Screenshots of TikTok showing Aldi shopper spending $35
The shopper set herself a challenge to spend under $35 at Aldi for six meals. Source: TikTok/@themotivated_millennial

But, the determined Aldi shopper proved it is possible to stay within this tight budget – it just took some creativity and a couple of extra items from the pantry.

“Let me show you how cheap Aldi is. This week me and my partner have come dangerously close to running out of money for our budget for our groceries,” explained @themotivated_millennial in her TikTok video.

“Given this, we have decided to set ourselves a challenge to try and get three lunches and three dinners for under $35 using whatever is in our pantry and stuff from Aldi,” she added.

Surprisingly, the shopper managed to save $3 on her budget as she scored almost a week’s worth of lunches and dinners for $31.99.

And no, the shopper didn’t spend the entire amount on packets of Mi Goreng. Instead, she was able to buy chicken breast, vegetables, pasta, herbs and even cooking oil.

What meals can Aldi shoppers cook for $31.99?

While the shopper did use a few items from her pantry, she did buy the majority of ingredients from her local Aldi supermarket.

These included 500 grams of sliced mushrooms, a bag of carrots, a 500-gram bag of onions, two pack of 300-gram chicken breast fillets, diced tomatoes, 500 grams of penne pasta, two chicken pot noodles, Italian herbs, 120-gram teriyaki stir fry sauce and 750ml extra virgin olive oil.

Still from TikTok video showing Aldi shopper's grocery haul
The shopper revealed the lunches and dinners she cooked with the $31.99 grocery haul from Aldi. Source: TikTok/@themotivated_millennial

Using these ingredients, the couple was able to cook the following meals for dinner: beef pasta, chicken stir fry and chicken tacos.

Their lunches consisted of leftover dinners for the first two days and then chicken noodle cups on the third day.

Aldi shopper shares 'hot tips' to make the most of groceries

According to a recent survey by Canstar Blue, the average Australian household spends $153 per week on groceries – which equates to $612 a month or $7,344 a year.

Canstar Blue shared some advice to save money on groceries, which includes making a grocery budget and sticking to it, writing a shopping list, buying supermarket own brands, and repurposing and freezing leftovers.

Aldi supermarket storefront under cloudy sky
The Aldi shopper shared three of her own tips for saving money on meals. Source: Getty

Similarly, the clever Aldi shopper on TikTok shared three of her own “hot tips” for Aussies who are looking to save on lunches and dinners.

  1. Pick cheaper veggies to pad out meals.

  2. Pasta/rice can go a long way and make extras for lunch leftovers.

  3. Shop your pantry before going to the supermarket and make meals with what you already have.

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