Aldi shopper 'coughs in worker's face' after supermarket rant

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A video has captured the disturbing moment an irate Aldi shopper coughed on a supermarket worker’s face after going on a rant.

On March 21, Sydney shopper Cosmo Commisso filmed the moment an unidentified woman began accusing an Aldi supermarket employee of stealing “hundreds of dollars” from her purse.

The crazed woman went on to cough on the face of the worker, amid the global coronavirus pandemic which requires stronger social distancing norms.

Fortunately, the employee was quick to cover his face with a magazine.

“Mate, I just had f***ing hundreds in my hand, where is it?” The woman is heard saying in the video.

“Where the f**k is it?”

As she approached the store’s exit she screamed: “You don’t know who I f***ing am.”

Pictured is a split photo of the woman heading towards the exit of the Aldi store (left) and coughing on the worker (right).
The woman was filmed coughing on an Aldi worker at a supermarket in Mount Druitt. Source: Caters

Mr Commisso shared video of the incident on Facebook with the caption: “Love shopping at Mount Druitt.”

People were shocked by the footage, which has been shared 13,000 times.

“No one deserves that type of abuse,” one said.

“What’s happening to this sick, sick world?” another questioned.

“This sort of action should not be tolerated by the staff, she is disgusting,” a third stated.

Aldi says on its website the wellbeing of staff and customers is its top priority.

“We ask you please be considerate in the way you shop,” the supermarket says.

“There are thousands of your fellow Australians who are working tirelessly across our stores every day.”

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