Aldi shopper compares prices to Coles and Woolworths: 'Astounded at the difference'

A mum who recently revealed a significant price difference between Aldi and Woolworths has returned to compare prices between the two supermarkets and Coles.

TikToker @theaveragewifeau, who shared her new clip comparing online grocery shopping prices, was responding to a comment posted by another shopper asking whether Aldi is a lot cheaper than rival supermarkets.

"I have never been but thinking of going," the curious shopper commented.

In the clip, the Aldi customer gives a rundown of prices of the same or a comparatively similar item in all three supermarkets. She clarified that this was done regardless of brand, and that each product had to be the cheapest one being sold by the stores.

Stills from woman's TikTok in which she compares grocery prices between Aldi, Coles and Woolworths
An Aussie mum took the time to compare prices of groceries at Aldi, Coles and Woolworths for intrigued shoppers. Credit: TikTok/@theaveragewifeau

Overall tally

The woman revealed that the shop at Aldi totaled $187.47, which was $46.16 cheaper than at Coles and $55.61 cheaper than at Woolworths. The shop at Coles ran a total of $231.63, while at Woolworths, it was $239.08 in all.

"So I hope that helps... I know it’s not hundreds of dollars cheaper, but still if dollars count in your family, which they do in mine, Aldi is definitely the win," she commented.

The TikTok user also addressed another question involving meat quality, saying Aldi took all the poultry awards at Canstar, while Coles won for beef.

"In terms of meat quality, Aldi definitely has good quality meat," she concluded.

Some items cheaper at Coles and Woolworths

Starting with canned tomatoes, a popular pantry item, the TikToker noted that Coles' cheapest tin was cheaper than Aldi's. So were sandwich bags, which she says are cheaper at both Coles and Woolworths.

Dill, which she said was not available at Coles at the time of her shop, would have been $3 for 10 grams, while Aldi's was going for $3 for 15 grams. She added that dill was not available online at Woolworths, and explained that such items did not have prices displayed.

She commented that while Coles did not sell fresh jalapenos online, they offer a 500 gram jar for $3.15, which she opined was "a really good deal". "If I was to buy jalapenos again, I would actually go for the jars because they would last longer," she said.

Thanks from shoppers

The clip generated nearly 100 comments from other TikTok users who were generally grateful for the time she took to research the price differences.

"Oh thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I'm astounded at the difference. Will definitely go there now," one person commented.

"That's great, thank you! I have been meaning to go to Aldi and do a cost comparison but will take so long to compare," another viewer said in appreciation.

"I actually prefer Aldi meat tbh. I love Aldi so much and over the course of a year all this adds up," was another comment, while another person added, "I can buy a random toaster and a pair of socks from Aldi and still walk out saving money."

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