The surprise Aldi item which sold out in 30 seconds

Aldi’s most sought after item this year has sold out just 30 seconds after their doors opened, leaving many shoppers who lined up for hours, empty-handed.

The discount store giant launched a range of cheap décor products including side tables, bed linen and towel sets but it was the $99 Fabric Accent Arm Chair that caused chaos at the Chatswood store in Sydney.

Once those doors opened, shoppers made a desperate dash straight for the home furniture, knowing there were only eight of the chairs available.

“I need to rush in and get it or I’m in big trouble,” one man told News Corp.

“It’s my only job is to come home with one ... so it should be fun with this crowd. I just need to run.”

Shoppers lined up for hours to get their hands on the $99 grey armchair. Source: Supplied

“I just hope there’s enough for us ... I think I’ll just run straight for the box and maybe grab some towels on the way out,” another said.

Another man on a mission to claim two of the chairs said shoppers were pulling things off shelves and putting them aside for their friends.

Despite the high demand for the armchairs, the scenes inside the store remained far more civil than those on display at a Melbourne store earlier this month.

Earlier this month two Melbourne families were seen

Two families were filmed brawling over an outdoor furniture set moments after the doors to the store opened.

Footage showed the dispute escalate from yelling to pushing and shoving as they debated who arrived at the store first.

What neither family thought to ask was whether or not there were extra sets out the back – there was, but they were snapped up by other shoppers during the argument.