Aldi insists bizarre sleeping bag OneZee is real, despite April Fools Day release date

Sam Hussey

On a day when jokes and pranks reign supreme, it’s probably not a great idea to launch a hybrid sleeping bag bodysuit.

Supermarket juggernaut Aldi have been forced to shut down claims that their bizarre padded bodysuit is an April Fools prank.

The “sleeping bag onezee” has all the makings of an April Fools prank but the German discount chain has insisted the latest camping fashion statement will actually hit the shelves for just $70.

The product is currently listed on Aldi's website, with a spokesperson telling 7 News Online "it's definitely a real thing".

No longer must you be restricted to a conventional sleeveless sleeping bag. Source: Aldi
Mobile and stylish, the Onezee is very much a real thing. Source: Aldi

While it’s probably not what Aldi had in mind, one social media user has already found a very specific purpose for the mobile sleeping accessory.

“When I go camping and fall over drunk, I can just stay where I am and snore with the rest of the animals,” Keith Follow wrote on Facebook.

The unconventional product comes as companies around the world try their best to trick gullible Internet users on April 1.

Unfortunately Burger King is not really launching a “Whopper toothpaste”, KFC is not launching a sushi line, Tinder will not be live streaming dates and “Hu” isn’t a Hulu service that shortens TV shows into eight seconds.

Food delivery service Deliveroo raised some eyebrows when they introduced “Extreme Delivery” using skydivers to bring your burger and fries instead of a traditional bike rider.

Honda will not be introducing emojis to their steering wheels that activate a series of different horn sounds depending on your emotion.

Honda won't be launching happy sounding horn noises. Source: Honda

Perhaps the most shattering realisation of all is that Virgin Australia is not really launching a “canine flight crew”.

"Today we are excited to unleash our new Virgin Australia Canine Crew in a world first initiative. On select flights, a Canine Crew member will work alongside our award-winning Cabin Crew team to offer a range of additional services.

"Congratulations to all pooches who have completed their rigorous training program and officially take to the skies for the first time today."

Devastated: There will be no canine crew on your next Virgin flight.

However Aldi's "onezee" is said to be very much available, until it sells out.

The OneZee is quite simply a must have. Source: Aldi