Aldi customer slams 'very annoying' check-in experience at store

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An Aldi customer has shared their frustration over the QR check-in process at their local Aldi store.

The concerned customer said they were not asked if they had signed in until they reached the checkout, not at the entry of the store.

Sharing their experience after shopping at the Lidcombe, NSW store, the customer took to a popular Aldi fan Facebook page, saying the QR check-in codes were "pointless" because they were not clearly visible at the store entry.

“At the register, I was barked at by the cashier, ‘Did you check in when you came in?’ while pointing to an A4 size paper displaying the QR code, stuck to the shield between him and me,” the shopper said.

Picture of the Aldi sign on one of their stores
An Aldi customer is concerned that the QR code on entry isn't clear enough for customers. Source: Getty.

“I replied that I hadn’t because I couldn’t see the codes at the entrance and that it was pointless having them at the checkout as you are leaving the store.

“He barked at me again, pointing to the entrance. I said that I couldn’t see them. So after I packed my groceries, I checked that I wasn’t blind or mad. I went back to him and said, “mate, truly there’s no QR code there. I’m happy to check in but they are not there'.”

The customer said they were then chased up by another employee, who pointed out the QR code location. However, they were displayed out of view to customers entering the store.

“Think about it,” the customer's post continued. “You’re heading into Aldi. Your eyes are either going towards the trolleys or the entrance gates, the two places where large, coloured QR codes should be.

“At the entrance gates is the hand sanitiser station, so the QR code next to that makes perfect sense.

“While he was arguing with me that the management didn’t want to spoil the look of the store with QR codes, 8 other people entered the store without noticing them either.”

Another shopper commented on the Facebook post saying they too couldn't easily see a QR code upon entry.

“I had a similar thing happen at Aldi Ashfield. At the checkout, I was asked if I had checked in and if not use the one on the safety screen, which I did,” the customer said.

Aldi store entry displaying QR code for feedback.
Aldi customers have questioned why the staff are asking them to check-in at the register instead of the entry. Source: Facebook

“I mentioned that hadn’t noticed one as I walked in and he assured me they were there.

“Checked where they were on the way out but were positioned to the side and not in your face as they really should be.”

They went on to say the positioning was confusing.

“Yes, I should have looked around until I found one, but Aldi should have them displayed in a position that they can’t be missed and have more one. We are all responsible to keep everyone safe,” they said.

Other shoppers don’t agree

While some shoppers shared their concerns about the QR code position, others said it didn’t matter when you checked in, as long as you did.

“It’s not pointless signing in when you’re at the checkout. As long as you sign in,” one person said.

“He’s doing his job the staff gets told to ask. and imagine how many people go off at them. It’s time he and you be nicer to each other.”

“I am trying to be sympathetic but you know that you need to sign in at Aldi, instead of rushing in just have a look around the QR Codes are there just look properly,” said another.

Customers enter an Aldi Stores Ltd. food store in Sydney. Source: Getty
The NSW Government has made changes to QR code check-ins, making them mandatory in supermarkets from July 12. Source: Getty

Aldi explains their check-in process

The NSW Government has made changes to QR code check-ins, making them mandatory in supermarkets from July 12.

An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they have now rolled out QR codes in stores, after previously not having them displayed.

"We have added Service NSW QR codes for customers to check-in across our NSW stores as an opportunity to help contact tracers, ahead of the July 12 requirement,” the spokesperson said.

“The QR codes are located at multiple points in our stores, including the entrance, at checkouts, and at the packing bays.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the store’s process is to ask customers about the QR code at the checkouts.

“Our store employees will be reminding customers of their responsibility to check-in at the register,” they said.

“For their safety, we will not ask our employees to police customers in our stores. It is our genuine hope that all customers do the right thing."

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