'Bloody great': Aldi's 'extreme' coronavirus measure applauded

Aldi workers and shoppers have praised the supermarket for taking an extra step in its protective measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Like many shops that are still open amid this global pandemic, Aldi has installed security screens to protect its checkout staff, but one worker has praised the company for its comprehensive effort going above and beyond what many other stores have implemented.

“Thank you so much Aldi for looking after all of us workers at Aldi. We are feeling safe,” worker Sue shared in an Aldi Fans group on Facebook, alongside images of the security screens encompassing the entire checkout area.

aldi checkout security screens
Worker Sue feels safe within the new security screens. Photo: Facebook
Aldi coronavirus measures
Aldi's coronavirus measures. Photo: Facebook

The screens only allow two gaps for the groceries to be scanned and handed back out to customers, with a barrier at the front and all the way around the back to behind the worker as well.

Shoppers reacted mostly positively to the new measure, praising the supermarket giant for taking steps to stop the spread.

“This is great. The ones at my local Bunnings are a joke,” one person commented.

“Good on Aldi for thinking of people’s wellbeing and not the cost,” another said.

“Great to see, now you won’t get all those grubs spitting on you guys,” was a third comment referring to multiple incidents of customers taking out their frustration on supermarket employees.

A fourth person agreed: “With idiots spitting on each other this should have been done a long time ago.”

People visit Aldi supermarket on April 21, 2013 in Manchester, UK. Aldi is one of largest global discount supermarket chains with 9,221 locations.
Aldi has taken many measures during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Getty

There were a few that thought the measure was a little ‘extreme’, with some even likening the screens to those found in banks and courthouses.

“Sorry it’s not nice. They normally put these security screens up for ‘violent-type’ services, do you really want to walk into a shop and feel like it had that stigma about it?” one person commented.

“I actually think this is absolutely ridiculous and it makes you feel very uncomfortable shopping at Aldi,” another agreed.

Others however, even suggested the change could be permanent to help supermarket staff avoid violence and abuse in future, such as the incident which saw Coles workers in a fiery confrontation with a shopper last month.

“These are bloody great. These should be permanent fixtures in all supermarkets due to some customers thinking they are more entitled than others, abusive, violent. Well done!”

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