Alan Partridge's BBC return gets first look as filming starts

Alan Partridge's new docuseries And Did Those Feet... has unveiled a first-look snap as production kicks off.

Consisting of six episodes for the BBC, it'll see Alan settling back into Norfolk life after a year working abroad in Saudi Arabia.

"Seeing himself and his homeland anew, there are pressing and frankly glaring questions he'd like to ask of himself and, on behalf of himself, of the country," an official description added.

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"We will see Alan unpack what is missing in his life, explore why the nation is in such a funk, and find out what it might take to keep a person funk-free."

Commenting in a manner only Partridge truly can, his statement to mark the beginning of filming read: "I'm delighted to follow The Daily Mail's exclusive coverage of filming and their gallery of paparazzi-style images with my own press release more or less confirming the details they've announced. All best, Alan."

Steve Coogan's comic creation, who was born over 30 years ago, was last on our TV screens back in 2021 via The One Show spoof This Time with Alan Partridge.

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Celebrating the character's return, BBC director of comedy commissioning Jon Petrie shared: "Steve Coogan and Neil & Rob Gibbons have done it again. This look into the state of the nation (and Alan's own psyche) through a unique lens – that of Alan Partridge – promises to further bolster the already iconic repertoire of the most legendary comedy character in the UK.

"This series will firmly cement Alan Partridge as a national treasure."

And Did Those Feet... with Alan Partridge will air on the BBC at a later date.

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