Al Roker co-authors cookbook with daughter

Al Roker has co-authored a cookbook with his daughter.

The veteran weatherman, 69, announced on the ‘Today’ show he is releasing ‘Al Roker’s Recipes to Live By’ on 15 October, saying he wrote it with his “very special” girl Courtney Roker Laga, 37, who worked on the project while she was pregnant with her first child, Sky, now 11 months old.

Al, who had Courtney with his ex-wife Alice Bell and is also father to daughter Leila, 25, and son Nick, 21, who he shares with his wife Deborah Roberts, 63, said: “(Courtney) tested all the recipes and wrote them – did a great job – (and) found the stylist to do it and photographer.

“I wrote some stuff – I wrote some of what they call the head notes. She did a lot which was amazing.

“One of the greatest moments of your life is when you realise your kid is actually good and professional.

“And Courtney is a great chef. So, I’m just thrilled and proud to be doing this book.”

Al also announced the upcoming book on his Instagram by posting a video of him cooking with Courtney.

The clip showed the weatherman searing a steak as his daughter explained what they were cooking.

In another video on his Instagram to promote the book, Al declares while holding tongs in his hand: “Cooking is science!"

The father-daughter book will include 100 recipes, including dishes such as sunrise burritos, coffee-and-spice-rubbed pork chops, Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, bourbon apple pie milkshakes, Tuscan polenta and lemon meringue crumb crust pie.

It comes after Al marked his 69th birthday by saying he feels “lucky to be alive” after a string of health problems.

He told fans on his Instagram: “This is my 69th anniversary of orbiting the sun and after everything that I went through at the end of last year I am more than grateful to be celebrating this birthday.

“And to all of you who sent good wishes and well wishes over the past year, god bless you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it… grateful for another trip around the sun.”

Father-of-three Al has previously been absent from ‘Today’ after being hospitalised for weeks for blood clots in his legs and lungs, as well as two bleeding ulcers.

He was also forced to have his colon “re-sectioned”, his gallbladder removed and his small intestine fixed.

Al revealed on ‘Today’ about his horrific ordeal: “I lost half my blood. They were trying to figure out where it was.”

He has also had knee surgery, which his wife Deborah told fans online left him with “body fatigue”.

In November 2020, Al was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to undergo surgery, but was back on ‘Today’ two weeks after the operation.