Airport staff's sweet gift for girl who lost her stuffed toy

A little girl has been reunited with her stuffed dog toy but not before airport staff documented the dog’s adventures in a book.

Mum Kelly Bridges wrote on Facebook her little girl August, also known as “Gussie”, accidentally left her plush dog, Cookie Dough, at Norfolk International Airport in the US state of Virginia earlier this month.

Ms Bridges told The Virginian-Pilot her daughter, 8, “was really attached” to the toy after winning it out of the claw machine.

Gussie did not realise she had lost Cookie Dough until she got home.

Staff, including police, at Norfolk International Airport made a booklet for August Bridges, 8, after she lost her stuff dog, Cookie Dough, at the airport recently. Source: Kelly Bridges

The mum called the airport’s lost and found, and she was told an airport police officer was going to look for the toy.

Not long afterwards Ms Bridges was informed Cookie Dough has been found.

But it turns out, the plush dog had been busy on his time away from the family.

When the family went to pick up Cookie Dough last week, they were not only given the toy back but a book titled, “The Adventures of Cookie Dough at the Norfolk Airport”.

Staff took photos of the plush dog doing various activities around the airport – riding the escalator, watching planes take off and behind the wheel of heavy machinery.

Photographs of Cookie Dough show his many ‘adventures’ around the airport. Source: Facebook/ Kelly Bridges
August’s mum Kelly shared pics from the booklet on Facebook. Source: Facebook/ Kelly Bridges

They also made him an “honorary policeman for the day”.

Ms Bridges shared photos from Cookie Dough’s book on Facebook.

The mum added she nearly cried on receiving it and praised the airport’s staff as “awesome”.

The post has been shared more than 3,100 times and has more than 4,600 likes, with many praising the airport’s staff.

The eight-year-old reunited with her toy and pictured with an airport police officer. Source: Facebook/ Kelly Bridges
Staff made the plush dog an ‘honorary policeman for a day’. Source: Facebook/ Kelly Bridges

“This is awesome! Well done Norfolk Airport Police!” one man wrote.

A woman wrote it was “precious” to see how important the Gussie and her plush dog were to the airport’s staff.

“So sweet and caring,” another woman added.

Another woman said staff went “above and beyond” for the family.

Many have praised the airport’s staff for making the booklet for the little girl. Source: Facebook/ Kelly Bridges