Airline's 'sleazy' ad sparks outrage

An airline has been forced to remove an ad from Twitter after it was deemed “sleazy” and “irresponsible”.

Irish airline Ryanair tweeted a photograph of its latest advertising campaign, which has since been removed, targeting students finishing their exams.

The ad features a young man passed out on a beach with an empty bottle next to him. The beach appears to be littered with cigarettes.

“This could be you,” Ryanair tweeted.

Ryanair has taken this advertisement down from Twitter after criticism. Source: Twitter/ francisxyzk

The ad has been slammed on social media with many criticising it for encouraging young people to behave irresponsibly under the influence of alcohol.

One user said the ad was a “new low for the airline”.

Another said it was “madness” Ryanair’s marketing department signed off on the ad.

 “Generating outrage as a marketing ploy. Sleazy,” one woman tweeted.

A Ryanair spokesperson told The Sun the airline’s advertisement was inspired by its social media team’s experiences as teens “sightseeing” and enjoying “cultural activities”.