Airline opens restaurant serving plane food

AirAsia has launched a restaurant serving plane food [Photo: Getty]

Plane food is the universal divider of people. While some can’t get enough of the pre-packaged meals, others would rather go hungry than choke down a tray of the stuff.

Those in the pro-plane-food camp, however, will be pleased to hear that an airline has decided to open an entire restaurant that sells nothing but in-flight meals.

Yep, Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia has declared the on-board food it serves is so popular it shouldn’t be exclusive to passengers 30,000 ft in the air.

Dubbed Santan - which translates from Indonesian to English as ‘coconut milk’ - the restaurant will sell meals all packaged up with the airline’s branding starting at the bargain price of $4.40.

On the menu at the fast-food-style eatery, which is located in a mall in Kuala Lumpur, are dishes such as roasted chicken with teriyaki sauce and the airline’s signature dish, Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, served with rice with chilli sauce.

Other tray-based delights include satay skewers, beef rendang, Vietnamese Chicken Pho, plus Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice.

“We have seen a significant appetite for our in-flight menu offerings beyond our flights across the region and this is our answer to that demand,” AirAsia’s general manager Catherine Goh said in a press release.

The team also claim their unique restaurant has a focus on sustainability.

“We also work with local farmers, suppliers and partners to ensure sustainability and long-lasting relationships between our ASEAN community as we continue to provide jobs and opportunities to local communities for them to grow,” the website reads.

The airline has opened a fast-food style restaurant in a mall in Kuala Lumpur [Photo: Santan/AirAsia]

And the brand has some lofty ambitions with reps setting a 2025 target of opening around 100 restaurants worldwide.

Who knows, ground-based plane food may well ‘take off’.

Additional reporting by Yahoo Style UK.

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