'Deeply weird': Passengers notice frightening detail on planes' inflight maps

For all those flyers terrified of stepping foot on an aircraft, it’s probably the last thing they want to see.

Among the iconic cities across the globe dotted on the inflight map are also a series of some of the most famous shipwrecks.

It may seem bizarre to nod to previous travel fatalities, but that’s the case on hundreds of flights daily.

According to Clint Pine, programs manager for Airshow at aerospace company Rockwell Collins, the inclusion is there to inform passengers during long periods over vast bodies of water.

“When traveling over the ocean, there are often large portions of the flight where only water is visible," he told Conde Nast Traveller in 2017.

Rockwell Collins designs the flight-map systems for many airlines including British Airways and American Airlines. Emirates also includes famous shipwrecks.

But it appears the inclusion of famous underwater relics such as the Titanic hasn’t been as well received by passengers as expected with many over the years taking to social media to question the map.

In-flight maps like this have been causing quite a stir.

“Is it deeply weird that Emirates marks the sites of major shipwrecks on its flight tracker map. Who wants to think about deadly transportation disasters during a flight?” one woman asked on Twitter earlier this year.

“This flight map shows the locations of famous shipwrecks in history and like...really not inspiring confidence here buddy,” another said.

“In flight map showing famous shipwrecks is unsurprisingly not very comforting,” one person wrote.

For one London-based flyer last month, the shipwrecks were the least of her worries when she began receiving disturbing messages on her flight screen.

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