Airbnb guest savages $52 a night 'dream' accommodation

It is billed as a romantic night "under the stars" on a beach.

But just one look at the pictures accompanying the Airbnb ad reveal that the location is definitely more camping than glamping.

The short-term rental, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Spanish Canary Islands, is described as "dream" accommodation for "two travellers".

The bed — built from old truckers' pallets — is located on a property with a house and a caravan.

A basic tube metal frame with a sheet of gauze over it completes the decor. Pallets are prized by down-and-outs and travellers as makeshift beds to doss down on.

The Airbnb pallet bed with mosquito net and pop up roof.
The Airbnb's owner claims that the 'dream' accomodation is perfect for two people. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

The Airbnb's owner claims that the night landscape is "amazing", although warned warn it can get a bit chilly in the morning.

"We have chickens that we release after midday and two dogs that are not tied," the ad reads.

"They are very charming and they love children. They only bark when people arrive and then they come over to be petted."

The minimal rental costs A$52 a night for the month of August, although the price reportedly varies depending on the season.

The property owner also offers a shiatsu massage for the price of A$15 for 20 minutes and A$52 for one hour.

Even breakfast comes at an extra cost of A$12 and includes crepes and marmalade.

The pallet bed under a tree and next to a hammock.
The minimal rental costs A$52 a night for the month of August. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Guest criticises Airbnb rental

The Airbnb listing had, at the time of writing, three comments left by guests.

One of them, who goes by 'Ellyn', stayed there in September 2021.

"I think that paying EUR 18 EUR (GBP 15) per night to sleep outside on a mattress in a garden is abusive, this should not be allowed," they said.

The host is apparently aware of possible concerns customers may have, claiming in the ad: "If you want 100 per cent comfort, I guess this is not the best option, but if you want a unique experience to take home and to tell your friends and family about, we are here."

Property rentals have increased by about four per cent in Spain since last year, especially in Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia.


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