Airbnb guest notices strange amusement park detail

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A video, featuring an amusement park ride, has gone viral on TikTok after a user spotted it while staying nearby at an Airbnb. 

In the video shared by @xackdaddymacdaddy, a giant swing ride at Funland in Rehoboth Beach, in the US state of Delaware, gets very close to the house on the way up.

Bright lights from the amusement park and screams are heard in the background.

The ride has been identified as the Sea Dragon ride, Delaware Online reported.

"And the listing had the audacity to say 'conveniently located near the boardwalk',"@xackdaddymacdaddy said in he video caption.

A TikTok of a home right next to an amusement park in the US went viral on TikTok. Source: TikTok/xackdaddymacdaddy
A TikTok of a home right next to an amusement park in the US went viral on TikTok. Source: TikTok/xackdaddymacdaddy

A look on Google Maps confirms Funland overlooks the boardwalk and houses are in close proximity to he Delaware amusement park.

"Who doesn't want screaming children literally flying past their 2nd story bedroom window?" someone said in the comments.

"I've been there and literally the whole time I was on the ride I was thinking about how much I would hate to live that close," another person said.

While @xackdaddymacdaddy captioned the video,"When you buy the house sight unseen", it turns out he was just holidaying in the area.

"We were just staying at an Airbnb across the street from it," he said. 

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Owners of house next door to Funland revealed

People in the comments, who thought @xackdaddymacdaddy actually bought the house, were surprised he didn't realise how close it was to Funland when he purchased it.

"I took the video and came up with caption I thought it'd be really funny, but then everybody was so quick to call me stupid that I just had to jump in and keep it going a little bit," he said of keeping the joke going for a while.

However, others did reveal who actually lived in the home — many claimed the people who owned the park also owned the houses nearby.

One person who claimed the owners were friends of theirs said the owners live in the homes during the summer. A former employee confirmed this.

"I used to work at Funland. They own the houses surrounding Funland," someone said in the comments.

The home is owned by the Fasnacht family, who run Funland, Delaware Online confirmed.

The initial video has gone viral since it was shared earlier this month, with more than 1.8 million views.

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