Airbnb guest notices bizarre detail in garage: 'Why the hell?'

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An Airbnb guest posted a video of a questionable garage paint job, however not everyone was critical of the painter's work.

In a video posted to TikTok of the bizarre find, Eric Hupperich claimed that a painter hadn't moved the items left in a room and instead painted around them.

"When the painter quotes a price and the price doesn’t include moving anything," Mr Hupperich captioned the video.

Two pictures taken from a TikTok which an Airbnb guest posted to showcase a botched interior paint job he came across. Source: TikTok / erichupperich
An Airbnb guest posted a video on TikTok of the botched interior paint job he came across. Source: TikTok / erichupperich

He thought it was "hilarious" and sarcastically highlighted the painter's "attention to detail".

"Plus side is you now know where to put everything back after you've used it," one person said in the comments.

Jokes aside, Mr Hupperich's intention was to parade the painter's "failed" job, but many didn't think the painter was at fault.

"That’s on the homeowners," one person said.

"Definitely agree with the painter's decision," another said.

"They are not movers or responsible for getting the area ready !! This goes for all trades/contractors."

The guest however questioned the painter's audacity to not move the items, and some people agreed.

"Why didn’t they just say — I’ll be back when it’s cleared out instead of a half arsed job," someone commented.

Painters react to TikTok video

A few tradespeople also shared their thoughts and commented on what they would do in that situation.

"I'm a painter and we would have moved the items to do the job right," one person said.

"As a painter we move (things) like this everyday, but why the hell don’t y’all move it before we show is the real question?" another said.

A tiler also added that if the owners expect items to be moved, they should pay extra.

"As a tiler I can confirm, if I rock up to do the job and it's full of stuff you got 2 options. I'll charge you for moving everything or I'm leaving," they said on TikTok.

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