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If you have an air fryer, you need these disposable liners that are 63% off on Amazon

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I didn’t believe the hype of an air fryer until I tested out Drew Barrymore’s from Walmart. Now, I rave about it to friends and family, in articles and more — it’s probably getting annoying. I use my air fryer for everything, from reheating pizza to roasting chicken. The only downside is cleaning it. Luckily, I found a great solve — these disposable paper air fryer liners.

Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners, 100-Pack, $14.99–$16.99

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Credit: Amazon

$14.99–$16.99 $35.99–$45.99 at Amazon

Cleaning an air fryer isn’t actually that hard. I put my frying basket in the dishwasher. However, these parchment paper air fryer liners make it easy to use your appliance without cleaning it between every use. Plus, they’re up to 63% off on Amazon right now, so you can get a 100-pack for less than $17. (Keep in mind, the liners come in two sizes, and the price varies based on sizing.)

According to the product description, the disposable paper liners offer a nonstick surface for food to cook. They can also withstand high temperatures for up to 30 minutes. Personally, I use them for the quick stuff: toasting bread, reheating leftovers, making Trader Joe’s frozen appetizers and air-frying chicken wings. I wouldn’t use them for food that takes longer to cook, like a whole chicken or another large piece of meat.

That said, if there’s a way to make life easier, I’m all in. Convenience is key, and these paper liners make cooking practically effortless.

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