'Aggressive' cyclist refuses to move for mum and baby on train

A cyclist who laid across four seats on a packed train has faced the wrath of angry commuters after preventing a mum and baby from using the space.

The man, photographed on the Onehunga line at 7.18am towards Auckland, in New Zealand, was shamed in an angry post to Facebook on Wednesday last week.

Stuart Dawson was on the train at the time, and claimed the cyclist became aggressive when he was confronted by the train manager.

Mr Dawson said the manager asked the hi-vis clad man to “get up”, but he responded saying “f*** off” and put his head back down and closed his eyes.

Cyclist laying down on Onehunga train towards Auckland, stopping woman with baby from sitting.
The cyclist shown stretched out over four seats on a packed train. Source: Facebook/Stuart Dawson

“This lady with a child in a pram stood up while this idiot laid down on the chairs to sleep,” his post read.

“The train manager said...if he continues he will be kicked off at the next stop,” he wrote in a comment to the post.

But the transport officer apparently then “left it” and walked away, which was a source of great frustration for Mr Dawson.

“I did say something, I got told to f*** off, so I told the train manager, who did bugger all.”

To his surprise though, the same cyclist shared his train on the return journey and “was actually sitting up. Shock horror”.

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