AFP seeks controls on terror advocate

A NSW man who praised the Christchurch mass murderer as a "saint" could face restrictions on his daily activities after his release from jail.

The Australian Federal Police have asked the Federal Court to impose an interim control order against Tyler Jakovac, who pleaded guilty in March to advocating the commission of a terrorist act or offence through his far-right online posts.

In July, the then 20-year old chef was sentenced to a total term of 18 months in prison after a 25 per cent discount was applied for his early plea.

He was eligible for parole on February 8 this year after his jail term was backdated from the time of his arrest in Albury and incarceration in December 2020.

On Friday, the AFP's lawyers attended the Federal Court asking for a hearing regarding the interim control order in late November.

At his sentence hearing at the Parramatta District Court in May, Judge Mark Buscombe said he was very concerned about the young man's description of the Christchurch mosques terrorist.

At the time of his arrest, police said he used the web service Telegram to urge violence and the killing of "non-whites, Jews and Muslims".

The District Court was told Jakovac as a youth became fixated with Russian and Slavic culture and held racist views against Jews and other minorities, before creating a Telegram channel when he was 17.