AFL player defends wild bikie brawl outside pub

An AFL player has given evidence after witnessing a brutal brawl outside a nightclub in Perth.

Fremantle Dockers player Harley Bennell gave evidence after a man was knocked unconscious and then jumped on by a group of known bikies and their associates.

The disturbing incident happened outside the Voyeur Bar in Subiaco two years ago, but footage of the brawl can only now be shown now because the four men have been found guilty.

The confronting video shows Jake Talauege being knocked unconscious to the ground before being kicked and stomped on five times.

Video shot outside Voyeur Bar in Subiaco, shows Jake Talauege being knocked to the ground before being jumped on. Source: 7 News

The attack left him with a fractured eye socket, cheekbone and jaw.

Rebels members Peter Michael D’Abreu and Dylan James Adams, and known bikie associates Al Gerry Morais and Chris Hallan Blackledge, were all involved.

Adams was kicked out of the club over an assault inside and took a swing at security once he was booted out.

The court heard Mr Talauege’s bashing was a pre-emptive strike in self-defence because they thought he had a gun.

Lawyers for Morias and Blackledge said they’d been traumatised by the shooting of a friend six months earlier.

The men attacked Mr Talauege because they thought he had a gun, the court heard. Source: 7 News

Harley Bennell gave evidence in defence, saying Mr Talauege had threatened to shoot him with a gun, but he didn’t tell security of the threat.

On Thursday, Blackledge and Morais were found guilty of endangering life.

All four will be sentenced on Wednesday.