Afghan province, Taliban agree 'ceasefire'

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Government officials in a western Afghan province say they have negotiated "an indefinite ceasefire" with the Taliban to prevent further attacks on a city by the insurgents even as Afghan forces are battling to retain control.

The governor of Badghis province Husamuddin Shams told Reuters that the ceasefire was mediated by tribal elders, a move that comes after Taliban fighters secured complete control over all districts in the province.

"Ten tribal elders had taken the responsibility of ceasefire, so they first talked to the Taliban, and then talked to the local government and both side reached a ceasefire," said Shams.

The Taliban reached an agreement with the tribal elders to move to the outskirts of Qala-e-Naw, the capital of Badghis.

A Taliban spokesman denied they had agreed to a ceasefire but said they had left the main city of Badghis to avoid civilian casualties.

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