AEW's Anthony Bowens on how Max Caster creates his raps

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AEW's Bowens on how Caster creates his rapsAEW/Lane Walbert

AEW's The Acclaimed has one of the most anticipated entrances in pro wrestling as, every week, fans have no idea what Max Caster will say during his entrance rap.

Caster's raps often reference current events from the news and pop culture, as well as taking aim at the team's opponents.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, The Acclaimed's Anthony Bowens shared how Caster goes about writing his memorable raps on an almost weekly basis.

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AEW/Lane Walbert

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"There was one point in the beginning where it was super collaborative, where I would bring in the topics of the week that I saw on Twitter," Bowens explained.

"Like, 'Hey I saw this happen in politics, this happened in entertainment, I saw this happened in wrestling, I remember this, and this about this person,' and then he would take that information and go into his creative process.

"Now, it's been a little bit more... I'll just bring the topics, and then he'll disappear into the bowels of the arena and go into his creative process, and I almost prefer that because I like my reactions to be more authentic," he added.

"I don't want to pre-plan what I want to do, I like everything to be genuine, and I think that's a lot more fun.

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AEW/Lee South

"It keeps me on my toes to figure out what he's going to say, and it's fun every week to try and come up with what the next diss might be, depending on the team we're wrestling."

While Caster has had dozens of memorable lines, the one that sticks in Bowens' head the most was towards Joey Janela.

"[Caster] said Janela was so ugly that he should borrow Sonny [Kiss'] makeup," Bowens said.

"I don't know why it was so funny to me at the time, but I was legitimately cracking up the whole match."

However, Caster has, on occasion, landed himself in hot water with his raps. He was once suspended for a controversial line about Simone Biles who had recently opened up about her mental health struggles.

Speaking about his partner's suspension in 2021, Bowens said: "Max has become one of my best friends, so I'm going to support him to the end.

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

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"He was apologetic to myself and to Tony Khan about [the rap], which we both were greatly appreciative of.

"He learned from it, and we moved on, and we became one of the most successful tag teams of all time," he added.

"It happened, it's in the past, it's water under the bridge, and we moved on."

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