Aerial roo count begins for SA harvest

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Flying low over Kangaroo Island, a light aircraft is taking stock of the southern kangaroo population ahead of the next harvest.

The aerial survey of the island will determine quotas for the next cull of the state's southern kangaroo population.

The Cessna plane will take to the sky on Monday and crisscross the island until Wednesday to complete the survey.

Kangaroo ecologist Amanda McLean says this is the second year the region has been opened for commercial kangaroo harvesting, with the expansion into the southern parts of the state already considered a success.

"The survey allows the Department of Environment and Water to determine kangaroo response to the recent drought over the pastoral land as well as in the wetter agricultural areas," she said.

There are five harvest regions across the state, and officials also use computer modelling to estimate the population.

The first part of this year's survey covered the pastoral region.

Since the expansion of the harvest area, the survey has been split into two sections to avoid the rainy and windy conditions during June and July in the south.

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