How AEMO plans to restore energy market

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The Australian Energy Market Operator has announced a staged return to the national energy market's normal operations.


* 4000MW of generation has returned from outages across the east coast.

* From 4am Thursday the market will once again set the price.

* After market pricing is restored, AEMO expects to see the "dispatch engine" - the system used to schedule generation into the grid - operating without failure; less need for AEMO to step in and direct power generators; a reduction in forecast shortfalls of energy as generators respond to market signals.

* AEMO will monitor these conditions for 24 hours before making a final decision to formally lift the market suspension.

* Energy ministers from the states and territories in the national energy market have been briefed.

* AEMO says the situation remains "dynamic" and it will continue to monitor reserve conditions across all regions.

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